Some Tips and Preparation when visiting a car museum

feature-2When you are planning to visit a car museum and you are coming from a foreign country, make sure to prepare some important notes and even things to do once you are there, check visa requirements If the country require’s one, and also see to it that you have some few more times to take some activities and places to visit other than the car museum to maximize your travel. Read More→

Top car museums in the world

feature-1Going to car museums is likened to a journey for car fanatics. A trip down the road of the car’s history reveals fascinating encounters. For instance, a greater part of drivers today are ignorant of the way that electric car technology is older than advanced fuel cars. In fact, the period from late 19th and mid 20th decades was the Golden Age of Electric Vehicles. A visit to the car museums familiarizes you with such awesome bits of knowledge into the moving machines that changed the meaning of road speed for humankind. Our relationship with the cars started more than a century ago, when the first awkward horseless carriage bumped its way into our hearts. Here are some great car museums of the world that displays more classics, more than advancement of design and engineering. They additionally help us to remember the car’s effect on the world’s way of life and the economy, and why we fell in love in the first place. Read More→

What is a Car Museum

feature-3A Car museum is a collection of different car models from the past, present and sometimes even the upcoming models. Car Museums can be visited either as open to public for free, but most of the time are paid for a certain amount for a visit. Read More→