Aluminum Diamond Plates For Your Truck

Commonly referred to as ‘checkered plate’, ‘tread plate, or ‘durbar plate’, aluminum diamond plating is a type of lightweight metal with a pattern of raised diamonds on one side, with the other side being smooth and featureless. While mainly being composed of aluminum, it does come in steel and stainless steel. The raised diamond-shaped lines that cut across the plating at 90 degree angles is the most well-known characteristic, thus making it aptly named. The greatest benefit to using aluminum diamond plates for your truck is the non-slip properties. The design of the plating offers impeccable foot and hand grip, making it the safest option for your truck. This makes it ideal for use on truck beds, foot pedals, step plates, and even the interior flooring of your truck.

It is especially made in such a way as to maximize efficiency, safety, and aesthetic appeal all at once. During a heavy embossing process, the raised designs are created onto sheets of metal. This is done in several different ways, though it’s typically done by (1) passing the aluminum sheets of through male and female roller dies in one swift motion or, (2) passing the aluminum sheets of metal through male and female rollers that are of different sizes, thickness, and overall proportions in order to create the infamous diamond pattern. The latter of the two options does take longer – as several steps are involved – but either process uses a honed combination of heat and pressure to mold the malleable aluminum sheeting into the desired weight and thickness. The male and female roller pairs create the gradual reduction of the girth and thickness of the sheeting. This is done by there being one upper roller that remains stationary, and there being one lower roller that revolves. Once the desired thickness of the sheeting is achieved, the aluminum plates are then passed through the aforementioned roller dies to the create the non-skid diamond (or checkered) pattern.


Your truck is not just a tool that you use to haul things around – or to take your friends out for camping. It’s an extension of your personality, and the overall appearance reflects back on who you are as a person and as a vehicle owner. Naturally, you would want to preserve that appearance and ensure that your truck is protected and made as safe as possible. When it comes to doing so, while still maintaining that outward appearance you worked so hard to cultivate, aluminum diamond sheets is going to be your best bet. Since the manufacturing process, while deeply involved, is not too complicated, aluminum diamond plates can be made to fit any size you need for your truck. The plating can stand up to a lot, and does not peel, flake, or break down over time. This will ensure that it can withstand heavy use, lots of foot-traffic, and even abuse brought on by the outside environment in which you take it. Even better, the chrome-like shine adds to the overall aesthetic of your truck, and increases its value for when – and if – you decide to sell.

The thicker, 1/8 aluminum diamond plating is used for the heavier applications, such as the access and loading ramps for your truck, the tailgate, the interior flooring, and even the mud flaps. The previously mentioned non-slip properties add an extra safety feature to steps, ramps, foot ledges, and walkways.

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